Reigate Grammar School Zhangjiagang

RGS Zhangjiagang International Kindergarten, opening September 2023.

Reigate Grammar School Zhangjiagang is a K-12 bilingual school from Kindergarten to High School, which covers a total area of approximately 155 acres. The school is located in the Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, less than 20 minutes’ drive from the high-speed railway station. The school is surrounded by a wide range of amenities, with easy access to major supermarkets, sports centres, commercial centres and other places for easy living.

As the third school of Reigate Grammar School in China, RGS Zhangjiagang uses a paralleled system to prepare students for higher education either domestically or overseas, which offers a variety of future development options. On 2nd August 2019, Reigate Grammar School officially announced launching in Zhangjiagang City. With the strong support of Zhangjiagang Government and the Education Bureau, RGS Zhangjiagang will become a high-quality bilingual education brand locally in the future.

Furthermore, RGS Zhangjiagang has put some unique ideas into the overall planning of the campus. For interior design, there is a conceptual fusion of mountains, trees and running water which bring together the green, energetic and solid architecture. The school has been carefully landscaped with rooftop gardens and plantation recreation areas for all age groups, and focuses on the creation of a natural environment to outline an eco-friendly campus that reflects Zhangjiagang’s civilized city image.

A central strand to the RGS ethos is to care for each individual child and nurture their unique blend of talents and abilities and this ethos has been reflected in the design of the campus. RGS Zhangjiagang will have a wide range of world-class educational and sporting facilities to enable students to pursue a diverse range of interests and exploiting their unlimited potential. The multimedia centre, auditorium, performance area and sunken theater are set up on campus to meet the diverse needs of students’ study of performing arts; a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, rugby field, volleyball court and swimming pool are designed to develop the athletic talent of the students. Bilingual classrooms are adopted for the integration of Chinese and Western learning, where the students are immersed with the essence of both Chinese traditional culture and Western culture respectively.