Reigate Grammar School Shenzhen


Reigate Grammar School Shenzhen will help prepare students for the best universities, world-wide, by delivering a holistic education centred on IGCSE and A level qualifications. Set to open in September 2023, the modern curriculum being developed combines the best of Chinese and British education to provide a deep and broad understanding of students’ chosen subjects, but also a love of lifelong learning that extends far beyond the classroom. This will ensure students are articulate and confident in their communications, are able to express themselves creatively and have developed a toolkit of thinking skills to face the modern world and change it for the better.

RGS SZ is situated on a fantastic site in Dapeng, a short distance from downtown Shenzhen and boasts 21,800m2 prepared indoors for Phase I, expanding by 10,600m2 during the completion of Phase II. Purpose built, future-facing classrooms are married with high specification boarding houses, top quality sports areas and a landscape which complements this by including woods and a lake in the 16,500m2 of outdoor space. Dapeng itself is an idyllic peninsula setting with lush, verdant greenery and picture postcard coastlines. These local assets are another focus – to keep students engaged with their surroundings and understand the role they can play in preserving such a beautiful heritage for future generations whilst still making the most of it today.

Parents and students have already given positive feedback about the quality of the site which is encouraging for admitting the best possible first cohort. Meanwhile, the team of teachers which draws on passionate, experienced and carefully selected and ex-patriate and Chinese staff on the ground are preparing demo lessons. By showcasing modern pedagogy in Maths, Sciences, English and the Arts through open days and webinars, our future cohorts of Reigatians will gain a sense of what awaits them at RGS Shenzhen and how they will become masters of their own destiny.