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Reigate Grammar School (RGS)
Reigate Grammar School, through a bespoke leadership, academic and pastoral model, is recognised as the premier co-educational independent day school in the UK and the first of its kind to be awarded ‘Exceptional’ by ISI Inspection in 2016. It is our aim to inspire pupils and to give them the confidence and skills to become independent thinkers. Reigate Grammar School has a ‘whole child’ ethos with four aims:

  • To support each individual child and nurture their unique blend of talents and abilities
  • To help students flourish and prepare for a happy and successful adult life
  • To enable outcomes that open doors of opportunity
  • To help prepare students to make the world a better place

Reigate Grammar School pursues excellence in all areas, maximising the academic potential, sense of fun and personal development of students and staff. The school operates a bespoke educational model that has become known as ‘The Reigate Way’.

The key ingredients are:

  • Visionary leadership
  • Innovative teaching and learning
  • Outstanding pastoral care

Whilst academic success is a given, we are thrilled to have been awarded the ‘2019 School of the Year’ for our work in pastoral care and wellbeing, what we believe to be the most important element of any great education.

Reigate Grammar School International (RGSI/RGS International)
RGS International was established in 2016 as a 100%-owned subsidiary of Reigate Grammar school with a strategic vision to establish British-style schools around the world under licence to Reigate Grammar School. It looks to share its ethos; pupil welfare and pastoral model; teaching and learning philosophy, and curriculum design expertise.

A notable chapter in Reigate Grammar School’s history, by developing international connections, RGS looks to open up cultural and learning links across continents and provide visit and exchange opportunities for students and staff. Developing international links and perspectives opens up cultural and learning opportunities across continents. We have started our journey in China with the aim of opening five K-12 schools, the first of which will open in Nanjing in September 2019.

So what makes RGS International different? Well, we offer and guarantee a fully hands-on collaboration and partnership with RGS UK to ensure our international schools share our ethos and values, achieve the highest standards and have the on-going support to realise every child’s potential and happiness.

If you have any questions and wish to know more about RGS International and our offer, then please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best wishes,
Sean Davey, Director, RGS International

+44 (0)1737 229368



International Advisory Board
With a well-established global Reigatian network, RGS International benefits from highly connected global community and important advocates and ambassadors.

  • Lawrence Webb (RGS 1969-1977)
  • Professor Deborah Eyre
  • Campbell Steedman (Former RGS Parent)
  • Patrick Hurworth (Former RGS Staff)
  • The Honourable Crispin Blunt MP
  • Dr Chris Ballinger (RGS 1988-1996)
  • Nick Weber (Current RGS Parent)
  • Lord Cooper of Windrush (RGS 1973-1982)