Excellence across the board


Representing one of the leading co-educational schools in the UK, Reigate Grammar School International offers the very best of British with its first-class educational brand, operational support, advice and consultancy.

The Reigate Grammar School family pursues excellence in all areas, maximising the academic potential, sense of fun and personal development of students and staff from Kindergarten through to sixth form. The expertise of the RGS International team is built upon the success, status and quality provided by RGS UK. What makes us distinctive is that we play a very active and involved role in the provision of RGS-branded schools and activities overseas.

We are proud of the Reigate Grammar School educational model and the world-class recognition received. RGS has a clear focus on excellence.

Reigate Grammar School International welcomes interest from potential partners and investors to explore collaboration opportunities aligned to the RGS brand for educational excellence.

Reigate Grammar School International is very flexible in its approach and able to adapt its educational model to local need. This could be either stand-alone Early Years and Kindergarten provision, K-12 schools and sixth form colleges. Also, we can work in partnership with established schools for the purpose of joint branding, teacher training and quality assurance affiliation services.

RGS International provides a wide-range of pre- and post-opening services to support its partners, including developing leadership and teaching & learning through its quality assurance model:

  • The RGS brand and partnership affiliation;
  • The license for the use of the Reigate Grammar School name, trademarks and intellectual property;
  • Continuous brand engagement;
  • Strategic planning and project management;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Market opportunity and analysis;
  • School business modelling;
  • School design and site analysis;
  • Curriculum design and modelling;
  • Human Resource Services
  • Teacher and support staff recruitment (including the appointment of the Head);
  • Establishing governance structures;
  • Marketing and Communications;
  • Admissions, pupil enrolment and recruitment;
  • Event management;
  • Teacher and support staff induction;
  • Teacher and support staff training and professional development;
  • School policies and support systems;
  • Quality control and assurance;
  • Leadership support and inspection services;
  • Support with compliance and accreditation;
  • The Reigatian Community model and professional networking.
    (Reigate Grammar School benefits from a well-established overseas/global community and network. All members of our international school’s programme will be members of that Reigatian community providing opportunities for academic, career and network development).

The Engagement Process

  • Introductory Stage: Contact us to establish a relationship;
  • Exploration Stage: Meet, visit, discuss the project, build friendship and explore the possibilities for working together;
  • Development Stage: Discuss the partnership arrangement and the expectations for each partner;
  • Legal Stage: Formalise the agreement and establish a Memorandum of Understanding;
  • Advanced Development Stage: Agree the commercial, business, education and operational models to be employed;
  • Pre-Operational Stage: Site development; key staff and governing body appointed; recruitment; school accreditation and license.
  • Operational Phase: School operations and recruitment with on-going support and quality assurance.