Educational Offer - The Reigate Way

Innovative Teaching and Learning

RGS believes that each child has his or her own unique blend of talents, skills, aspirations and abilities. All children are encouraged to become ‘architects of their own learning’ made possible through a personalised learning programme.

RGS has adopted an innovative three-year GCSE programme starting in year 9 that allows able students to study a short-course modular curriculum alongside the examined portfolio – ensuring greater depth and breadth of learning.

At sixth form, students can engage in ‘Henry Smith Studies’ on a topic of specific interest to further extend and enrich their studies alongside A level preparation.


Outstanding Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

RGS understands that for a child to feel happy so that they can shine, they must be recognised and valued – not just for their grades but for their friendship, their resilience, for their sense of humour and their loyalty.

The school is based upon relationships, not rules for rules’ sake and values a positive, comfortable climate of mutual respect, affirmation and intellectual freedom. Life at RGS is challenging, fun, exciting, hard-working, fast-paced and incredibly satisfying.

Every child has a personal development plan and can access an extensive programme of well-being and mindfulness.

“Excellent counselling services offer guidance and targeted support for individual pupils. Based on mutual respect, the excellent and positive relationships between staff and pupils amongst the pupils themselves firmly underpin the strong sense of community within the school”.

ISI Inspection Report 2016